WATCH: Trump mansplains to his base ‘what women want’ during Montana rally
Donald Trump makes a pointing gesture toward the media during a speech to a large crowd at a Thank You tour rally held at the Giant Center (Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump on Saturday told “Make America Great Again” rallygoers in Montana what it is he thinks women desire in life.

"After the election -- in between their tears as they were crying -- they were saying, 'Man, did he do well with women -- did he do well,' Trump claimed.

Exit polls released on election night showed Trump only receiving 41 percent of the vote from women, while Hillary Clinton received 54 percent of the vote.

"You saw the numbers," Trump continued. "The numbers are the numbers."

The most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll shows only 33 percent of women approve of Trump's job performance.

"But women want security, they want financial security, but they want security," Trump continued.

"They don't want that caravan -- and by the way, four others that are forming," he argued.

"Women want safe neighborhoods for their families, great schools for their children, and they want violent predators like we're talking about to be thrown in jail or thrown the hell out of our country," Trump explained.

He then complained about CNN and MSNBC not praising him, calling the networks "fake news."

"MSNBC is probably worse than CNN," he claimed. "Worse than CNN."