WATCH: Trump supporters repeatedly confront CNN's Jim Acosta with bizarre conspiracy theories
Trump supporters confront CNN's Jim Acosta (Screen cap).

CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Thursday posted videos of Trump supporters who confronted him at a Wednesday night rally with bizarre conspiracy theories about who was really paying his salary.

In one video, a woman walks over to Acosta and asks him whether billionaire George Soros, who was targeted by Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc with an explosive device last week, was giving him money to say mean things about President Donald Trump.

"Is somebody backing you or paying you to ask the rude questions?" she asked.

Acosta replied that he was being paid by CNN.

"But other than CNN?" she asked.

"Like who?" he replied.

"I don't know, like, George Soros?"

In a second video, a man comes up to Acosta and asks him if he's getting money from American intelligence agencies to say bad things about the president.

"Are you on the CIA's payroll?" he asked.

"I am not on the CIA's payroll," Acosta replied.

"Are you being paid by any government entity in any way, shape or form?" the man continued. "Cash or otherwise?"

"Nothing," Acosta replied. "Zero."

Watch both videos below.