WATCH: Tulsa politician claims a city founder who was a 'Ku Klux Klanner' did 'many many good things'
Tulsa City Councilwoman Karen O'Brien (left, via City of Tulsa) and city founder W. Tate Brady (right, via Wikimedia Commons).

A Tulsa City Council member claimed during a meeting of the chamber that the city's founder did "many, many good things" in spite of being in the KKK.

In a meeting discussing a second name change of a street that still bears W. Tate Brady's surname, Councilor Karen O'Brien claimed she understands why it's an "issue" that the city's founder "was a Ku Klux Klanner."

"But he also did many, many other good things," O'Brien said.

In video published by Dylan Goforth, the editor of the watchdog Oklahoma news website The Frontier, Vanessa Hill Harper — the city's only black council member — "doesn't respond with words as much as she does body language."

Goforth noted in another tweet that the white council member "eventually compared being in the KKK to getting a math problem wrong" during the meeting.