Newsman Carl Bernstein reveals Trump pals fear he's 'cornered in a way that he's never been in his life'

On Monday, President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort lied after pleading guilty in exchange for a plea deal.

CNN's Don Lemon hosted a panel discussion to explain the latest unraveling into Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the 2016 Russia probe.

Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein said that while the news was about Manafort, that all roads lead to Trump.

"The people closest to Trump in the past believe that Trump is acting as if he is cornered in a way that he's never been in his life," Bernstein said. "In the past, Donald Trump has always managed to buy his way out, sue his way out, go on television get his way out, but this is different."

"This is different according to these people. If you do the reporting, I think what you're starting to see is a belief that he is not only cornered, but that national security is in real danger because of the way he is acting," he said.

Watch the full video below via CNN.