WATCH: The View's Joy Behar explains why she never knew 'creative conman' Trump was such a 'psycho'
Joy Behar appears on CNN's Van Jones Show/Screenshot

The View's Joy Behar explained to MSNBC's Ari Melber why it took her so long to realize her old friend Donald Trump is a "psycho."

"I know him," Behar said. "I went to his second wedding to Marla [Maples], you know. There wasn't a wet eye in the room."

"Who knew he was such a psycho?" she added. "I liked the guy in a way. It was like, 'oh, he's a New York character.'"

Melber noted that seeing people "up close" and away from their perfectly-coiffed TV personas makes people see them differently, and Behar agreed.

"New York, as you know, did not vote for him -- because we know" his character, she said.

"He's a real creative con type of salesman," Melber mused. "He'll pick up anything you say. He'll say it back to you. 'Fake news' was a term to describe the right wing articles that spread in October that helped him. And after he heard the criticism, he grabbed it. Now everyone thinks it's his term."

Watch below: