Watergate lawyer John Dean warned even Nixon would tell Trump 'you've gone too far'
Donald Trump and Richard Nixon/Screenshots

On Tuesday, former White House Counsel John Dean said that President Donald  Trump's unprecedented action goes further than Richard Nixon.

The New York Times published a report saying that Trump sought to have his political enemies Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former F.B.I. Director James Comey prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

During a panel discussion, Dean told CNN's John Berman that Trump had gone too far.

"If I had to channel a little of Richard Nixon, I think he'd tell this president he's going too far," Dean said. "It's rather frightening and startling because he was told about this during the campaign when he started mentioning these sort of things, but he's never backed off. It looks like he won't back off until he's forced to."

Watch the interview below via CNN.