Whitaker nomination is 'red alert time' for Mueller investigation: MSNBC legal analyst

MSNBC legal analyst Matt Miller said President Trump's appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general was "a red alert" for anyone trying to protect Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

"I think for anyone who wants to protect the integrity of the Mueller investigation, this is really the worst possible choice," Miller said. "Matthew Whitaker, before he joined the Justice Department, actually wrote an op-ed that laid out a blueprint for how you could starve the Mueller investigation of funds and bring it to an end."

Miller said it was no coincidence that the president selected Whitaker, and suggested he shouldn't be allowed to do so.

"There ought to be a principle at the Justice Department that no one can pick the person who oversees an investigation into them, including the president," he said.

Miller said that as the Mueller investigation wraps up, the special counsel will need to get approval from his supervisor, "whether that's Rod Rosenstein or Matt Whitaker", to continue with an indictment for obstruction or submit a report to Congress

"The president has now reached into the Justice Department and picked someone who appears to be hostile to that investigation," Miller worried. "It is really red alert time for anyone who cares about it."

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