'Another damned Trump lie': Iowa machinist unloads on president after his factory shuts down before Christmas
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Robert Morrison, a machinist who is about to lose his job at a Siemens factory in Burlington, Iowa, unloaded on President Donald Trump in a scalding op-ed in the Guardian on Friday.

While noting that Trump won Iowa in 2016 because he vowed to bring manufacturing jobs back to the American heartland, Morrison says that he has so far completely failed to live up to his promises.

"When our plant closes its doors on Friday, we will be saying goodbye to another factory that made America great," he writes. "And the unfortunate truth is that the death of our factory and other Siemens-owned facilities across the United States are the result of another damned Donald Trump lie."

Morrison then says he wrote the White House earlier this year and asked Trump to issue an executive order barring all government contractors from offshoring their current employees or else lose their lucrative deals with the government.

The administration responded to him and told him there was nothing they could do to help, however.

"Our community is angry," he writes. "I’m angry. And with the recent news about the mass layoffs at General Motors, it just seems like things keep getting worse for America’s hardworking families. Trump promised to save our jobs and fight for workers. But he’s done nothing to stop the layoffs at Siemens -- or GM. In fact, he’s made the problem worse."

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