Anti-gay religious extremist arrested after accosting kids about ‘fake’ Santa Claus

A Texas Christian extremist was arrested over the weekend after he accosted several families attending a "Breakfast with Santa' fundraiser at a church. The event was held to raise money for underprivileged kids, reports LGBTQ Nation.

Aaron Urbanski, 31, held a demonstration outside the church, confronting parents and their children and berating them for believing in Santa Claus instead of Jesus.

The others scattered, but Urbanski continued protesting until police came to the scene.

One mother said Urbanski and another man came up to her and asked, "Do you let your kids believe in a fake Santa or do they know who Jesus is?”

She told them not to ruin Santa Claus for her children, but they persisted.

“When I told them not to ruin Santa and Christmas for my kids they started to shout out that Santa was not real and that I was wrong for teaching them that,” she said. “I got really verbal with them over it.”

As LGBTQ Nation notes, the anti-Santa crusader had previously held anti-gay protests.