BUSTED: White man caught completely fabricating story about a black man kidnapping his baby
Mitchell Dutz of Fulton County, Illinois

Police in Illinois over the weekend determined that a white man had completely fabricated a story about a black man kidnapping his baby in apparent revenge for an alleged drug deal gone wrong.

Local news station WJBC reports that Mitchell Dutz of Fulton County, Illinois, called police over the weekend and told them that a black man named James Jackson had stolen his car with his 13-month-old son Bentley Dutz in the backseat.

However, an investigation by police revealed that no baby had been kidnapped and that Dutz's car had never been stolen.

Police then determined that Dutz had fabricated the story as a way to get back at Jackson for what police described as a drug deal gone wrong.

"Dutz was allegedly robbed during a drug deal and had used the infant as a way to pursue charges against the alleged persons who robbed him," reports WJBC.

After discovering that he had lied to them, police arrested Dutz and charged him with residential burglary, filing a false police report, making a false 911 call, and other assorted charges.