'Clean it, d*ckhead!' Teen who who drew swastika on building forced to scrub it while bystanders mock him
A teen boy cleans up Swastika graffiti (Screen cap).

A teenage boy was recently filmed getting heckled as he cleaned up swastika graffiti that he left on the floor of a shopping center in the United Kingdom.

In a video posted on Vimeo Wednesday morning, a young teen surrounded by security officers can be seen using tissues and a spray bottle to clean up the Nazi symbol that he drew on a tile on the floor.

As the boy cleans it up, the woman filming him taunts him even as he tries staring at her menacingly.

"Clean it, d*ckhead!" she tells him. "Shameful, you should be ashamed!"

By this point, multiple bystanders had gathered around to watch him clean up. Adding to the humiliation, the security guards in the video routinely pointed out spots where he had missed and ordered him to clean them up.

"Look at how many people are looking at you!" the woman filming him says. "I hope he feels like an idiot!"

Watch the video below.