CNN legal analyst explains why Roger Stone is likely Mueller's next target
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

The House Intelligence Committee voted Thursday to pass on Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone's testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller, CNN reported. The decision was unanimous.

In response, Stone suggested the transcript be released to the public.

Former prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers explained the significance of Stone's testimony and what it likely signals in the next steps for the Mueller probe.

"If I was reading the tea leaves, I would say that means they're close to wrapping up with Roger Stone and that probably means indicting him," Rodgers said.

"Mueller's team is interested in people for only two reasons," she added. "Either they're going to be witnesses or they're going to be targets."

Stone will likely fall in the latter category.

"In Roger Stone's case, they've had a lot of months now where they've been trying to speak to other people around him, his aides, his associates and they have not tried to speak to him, which signals that they're treating him as a target."

Now that investigators have his testimony to Congress they can check for inconsistencies and possible perjury.