Corey Lewandowski stomps off after nearly brawling with Florida Republicans at Trump hotel: report
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski during an interview on Fox News (Screenshot)

Trump associate Corey Lewandowski met with two prominent Republicans—Florida Senate President Bill Galvano and Florida state Sen. Jeff Brandes—Wednesday to discuss GOP strategy going forward.

The tenor of the talks quickly devolved however, as they began to fight over how much credit President Donald Trump deserves' for state Republican victories, Politico reports.

According to witnesses, Brandes pointed at Lewandowski as Galvano told his wife to hold his scarf. The meeting took place at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

“We had a spirited conversation. Let’s just leave it at that,” Galvano, told Politico the following day, confirming the dispute that Lewandowski denied ever took place. Lewandowski was more blunt, flatly stating the account was “not true” before hanging up.

“Donald Trump saved Florida, from the top to the bottom of the ticket,” Lewandowski reportedly said.

The others disagreed. "There were lots of efforts put forward,” Galvano said. “Maybe it helped that FRSCC and our candidates knocked on 725,000 doors?”

“Nooo! I know Florida!” Lewandowski said, witnesses claimed. “It was Trump!”

“Then explain to me why we maintained Senate seats in districts Trump lost by double digits,” Galvano responded, according to witnesses who spoke with Politico.

Lewandowski became more aggressive, as Brandes stood up and wagged his finger at him. Galvano instinctively readied his fist and told his wife to “Hold my scarf.”

After a few minutes of the standoff, Lewandowski reportedly stomped off.