Dem steamrolls Fox News host as she tries to defend Trump’s border wall
David Cicilline (D-RI)/Fox News screen shot

Rhode Island Democratic congressman David Cicilline on Friday made mincemeat of Fox News host Julie Banderas, after she tried to defend President Donald Trump's border wall.

"This notion that Democrats don’t support border security is a silly claim. We just think it should be done in a smart, cost-effective way using new technologies," Cicilline said, and added that the president's shutdown was a stunt. "He wants to distract from the other very bad things that have happened in the last two weeks. He lost his defense secretary in a very serious rebuke of his foreign policy, the Trump Foundation was closed because of persistent illegalities, he's lost the ISIS coordinator Mr. McGurk, the stock market has been very volatile, the walls are closing in with the Mueller investigation. I think the president has decided, 'you know what, a shut down will distract from all of that' and he’s right."

"I think the president wants to continue to fulfill promises," Banderas countered. "He’s made promises that he wants to keep and this was his biggest promise. This isn’t necessarily meant to distract, this is something nothing new."

"The reality is his chief of staff, General Kelly himself said, and his incoming chief of staff Mick Mulvaney both said, a border wall will not solve the problem," Cicilline shot back. "That it is a simple solution, a 19th century solution for a 21st century problem. Both of his chief of staff has have acknowledged that."

"Many would say of course a wall would work," Banderas continued, undeterred. "If you've got a huge structure standing before you, how do you lift your child over that or your wife? I don’t know how that would work out." Cicilline replied that people could go over or under a wall, especially if they were desperate. That's when Banderas played the Hillary card.

"You do realize thought that this isn’t the only president, and it doesn’t have to be a Republican, that has actually wanted a wall," she began. "Hillary Clinton at one point —"

"I don’t know that there’s been another president has said a $70,000,000,000, 1000-mile wall," Cicilline interjected. "It’s a ludicrous idea, it will not work, it’s too expensive, and it’s not effective."

"All I’m saying is back in the day Hillary Clinton wanted a wall," she tried again.

"I wouldn’t support it if Hillary Clinton wanted it," Cicilline continued, leaving Banderas with the grievance card.

"All I'm saying is it didn’t get as much attention because it was a Democrat that wanted it," she said. "Now that a Republican is in office, especially Trump being in office who's probably the most hated president ever by Democrats, it gets more inflated."

"It has nothing to do with that, it’s a bad idea," Cicilline retorted. "Whoever's idea it is, it’s a bad idea. Forget about President Trump, who happens to advocate for it, it’s a dumb idea."

Watch the video below.