'I don't think this presidency is ever going to regroup from today': Harvard prof explains why Trump is done
President Donald Trump -- seen here in Buenos Aires during the G20 summit. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

The flurry of developments in the investigations surrounding the presidency of Donald Trump and his ties to Russia came fast and hard on Friday, with new court filings revealing a bevy of new factoids and allegations.

Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem appeared on Don Lemon's CNN show Friday night, where she explained why she thinks Trump's presidency will never be the same.

"I think today is significant," she said. "I think we are at a moment—I don't know this story ends but I don't think this presidency is ever going to regroup from today."

Kayyem said that the fact that collusion now appears certain means the scandal will never go away.

"There's nothing but the Russia investigation," she said. "Whether that just goes on for two more years and we have an election, whether there's a political firestorm and there's an impeachment hearing—we don't know yet. The president is Individual 1, right? He's involved with of lying and cheating and stealing and colluding with a foreign government and two different legal offices made that determination."

Watch below.