'Everybody lies!': Ex-CIA officer Phil Mud blasts Trump for setting low standards in the White House
Phil Mud [Photo: Screengrab from CNN]

On Thursday, CNN's Phil Mudd unloaded on President Donald Trump after news broke that his former lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in a hush money scandal.

Trump has said that he is not responsible for Cohen's behavior, even though Cohen claimed that he broke the law at the direction of the president.

Mudd went off about the egregious lies floating around the White House.

"Can we hold on for just a minute about who is significant and who is not. Flynn lied, who by the way walks out of the White House and says 'I lied,'" Mudd said. "Sean Spicer said 'I lied' and Paul Manafort lied. Michael Cohen lied."

He added, "My point is the president can say 'I wasn't responsible for this.' One of the things he is responsible for is -- what's the tone once the president of the United States, representing 330 million people in the most significant democracy on the planet walks into the White House? The tone should be when you speak to a prosecutor you speak the truth. Everybody lied."

Lawfare Blog's executive editor Susan Hennessy said Trump is putting the country at risk.

"AMI is apparently sitting on a bunch of dirt about the president of the United States. That is a huge liability and risk for this nation. Not only does it speak to his character, but there is actually all sort of security threats and security issues," she said.

Watch the video below via CNN.