Ex-congresswoman explains the mystery behind what Flynn gave to Mueller -- and why we know it's something big
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn addresses the Republican National Convention (Screen cap).

A former congresswoman explained to her MSNBC co-panelists Friday that there's still much more to be gleaned from former Donald Trump aide Michael Flynn in spite of the most recent developments about his case.

"How is the public to judge whether this plea agreement is fair and in the public interests?" former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY) said. "We know what the quid is, but we don't know what the quo is."

What the public does know, Holtzman noted, is that special counsel Robert Mueller is pushing for a "very light sentence" for Flynn -- one that could include probation and no jail time.

"But what's the public getting?" she mused. "That remains to be seen."

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