Former FBI counterintelligence boss reveals why Mueller appears ready to make indictments involving Russian collusion
Roger Stone and Donald Trump

Another tumultuous week of the Trump presidency ended with the federal government shuttered under one-party rule with no end in sight.

On Saturday's MSNBC anchor Richard Lui hosted a panel featuring Danny Cevallos and Frank Figliuzzi, the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Both said they expect things only to get worse as the Mueller investigation reaches its end, reportedly as soon as mid-February.

Figliuzzi pointed to reports that Trump lashed out at acting AG Matt Whitaker for not protecting him from damaging revelations made during Michael Cohen's plea deal, in the form of documents that basically called Trump a felon as proof things were about to get worse.

"It's a devastating week for the president and his team," said Figliuzzi. "Let's add something... the revelation that the president has angrily lashed out at [acting AG Matt] Whitaker, he called Whittaker angrily at least twice, angry with what he's seeing in the [Southern District of New York] filings. Let's combine that with the NBC reporting that maybe Mueller is going to wrap up as early as February: What does this mean? It means this is going to come right back to Whitaker... if Mueller wraps up by February, the report goes to Whitaker. Whitaker's being lashed out by the president, between a proverbial rock and hard place."

Figliuzzi said these reports suggested to him that new indictments were about to drop, and that they would contain evidence of Russian collusion.

"If I'm Mueller after this week of developments, here's what I do: I'm going to stay on course with the strategy of making the report to Whitaker secondary to telling the full story through speaking indictments," he said. "If we're talking about a February wrap up, the next shoes to fall, I predict, will be Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi. And look for those indictments to tell us a story that includes Russian collusion."

Cevallos agreed new indictments are looming but thinks Mueller will steer around Whitaker.

"There is a real possibility that we may never get to read the Mueller report, at least in its full incarnation, complete expression," said Cevallos. "We may get a summary of that through another avenue. It may never see the light of day. Mueller has been speaking to us the entire time, through his indictments filled with detail, the kind of detail that you don't normally see in an indictment... which can be a bare bones, bare minimum pleading designed just to get over the threshold, so Mueller's report we may never see but in a sense, we have all seen a lot of it already."

"Well, I tell you what: If I'm Roger Stone, I'm spending the holidays with my family, I'm getting my affairs in order because I'm anticipating either cooperating fully or being indicted," Figliuzzi said. "Everything he said so far indicates he is not going to cooperate, so I think that's next up."

Watch below.