Fox & Friends: Heathen kids will let strangers drown because of the 'War on Christmas'
Dennis Prager speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager told Fox & Friends on Monday that he says "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy holidays" to honor his country.

During a Christmas Eve interview on Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade asked Prager why it is important to say "Merry Christmas."

"It matters because it's a national holiday," Prager explained. "People have to understand, I'm a Jew. Okay? Christmas is not my religious holiday, but Christmas is my national holiday, on de facto and legal grounds. On legal grounds, it's a national holiday. I honor my country. Number two, the vast majority of my fellow citizens celebrate this holiday."

"This is the most important point," he continued. "The notion that if you don't celebrate Christmas or if you're not a Christian, you are offended by it, it's so preposterous that words fail me. Preposterous is an understatement."

According to Prager, he would never be offended "as a Jew" by Christmas greetings.

"The idea is so narcissistic and so absurd, this is the holiday of the season," he opined. "To deny that there is a war on Christmas is to lie."

"To deny that there has been an attempt in the last 50 years or so to de-Christmasize Christmas, to de-Christianize the country for that matter, is to tell an untruth," Prager insisted. "That's why it's a big deal."

Prager asserted that only people living in a "fairytale" could deny the "War on Christmas."

"They don't like 'In God We Trust' on our coins, they don't like Christmas as a national holiday," Prager complained. "I fear a radically secularized America. I fear it. As a Jew, I fear it."

"I know what happens when people no longer have a God-based frame of reference for their ethics," he added. "Two-thirds of the high school kids I've asked in the last in the last 40 years, 'Would you save your dog or a stranger if both were drowning?' [They] won't save the stranger because 'I love my dog, don't love the stranger.' But if you have a Judeo-Christian value system, you know that people are created in God's image, dogs are not."

Watch the video below from Fox News.