Fox host awkwardly cuts off reporter as he mocks GOP for holding Comey hearing after losing 40 seats

Former FBI Director James Comey testified at a closed-door briefing in Congress Friday.

Many Democrats, like Ted Lieu (D-CA), didn't bother attending given the fact that Comey is not likely to share new information and Republicans don't have the seats to do anything substantive with his testimony anyway.

When politics reporter Chris Stirewalt pointed that out on Fox News Friday afternoon, he was abruptly cut off by Fox News host Julie Banderas.

"Well, if James Comey says something interesting, it will be the first time in a long time," Stirewalt said. "The nearly -- it's like tryptophan. To a large extent, who cares? To a large extent, who cares about this hearing? I think Republicans should remember, they just lost 40 seats in the House of Representatives."

"All right. We gotta go," Banderas interjected.