Fox News’ Shep Smith flabbergasted after Trump viciously lashes out at Rex Tillerson
Fox News host Shepard Smith. (Screenshot)

Fox News host Shepard Smith was stunned on Friday to see that a "rhetorical war" was "heating up between Rex Tillerson and the president."

“Remember last July, it was widely reported that Tillerson called the president a moron after a tense meeting with advisers," Smith explained. "Later, Tillerson would not deny he said it, but he also said he wouldn't resign. Later he was replaced and now President Trump is going after him. It happened just minutes ago. Our chief White House correspondent John Roberts has the details from the north lawn. Wow!"

Roberts, for his part, explained that not only had Tillerson reportedly called Trump a "moron" -- some sources said that Tillerson called him an "f-ing moron."

"So we don't know exactly what was said," Roberts said with a chuckle.

Later, Smith noted that Trump had also announced some important nominations on Friday, "which is what we were going to go to John Roberts for, until whatever that was."