'It's garbage!' Reporter rains hell on Trump's wall as 'a crock from start to finish'
Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Brian Karem, the White House correspondent for Playboy, uncorked an angry rant against President Donald Trump and his proposed border wall on Thursday.

During a CNN panel discussing the government shutdown, Karem declared that Trump's wall was now just a symbol of his massive ego and had nothing to do with actual border security.

"This whole issue is just a crock from start to finish," he said. "He picked it up on the campaign trail as something to appease the masses and play to his base. It's not going to stop terrorism, it's not going to be 2,000 miles long as originally planned, it's not going to be see-through, it's not going to be eco-friendly, it's not going to be slats or heads on pikes or a beaded curtain, or anything else! You can't wall that border!"

He then pointed out that drug cartels already had multiple ways, including large networks of underground tunnels, to bypass the wall and bring narcotics across the border.

"It's garbage!" he thundered. "This whole issue is a monument to his self-aggrandizement, it always has been. It will never stop terrorism, it won't stop drugs... This issue is the biggest crock on the agenda of the president, it always has been."

Watch the video below.