GOP dreading more 'paralysis and dysfunction’ no matter who Trump picks for chief of staff: NYT reporter
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters told MSNBC on Friday that it didn't matter who President Trump chooses for White House chief of staff to his sources in the Republican Party: they're bracing for unprecedented levels "paralysis and dysfunction" over the next six months.

Peters said that the "chaos" swirling around the president was making it especially difficult to find someone for the position.

"Under normal circumstances, which I know is relative for a Trump administration -- ", Peters began, prompting a laugh from host Hallie Jackson.

"What does that even mean, dude?" she interjected before Peters went on.

"We are beyond abnormal at this point," he continued, saying the GOP was bracing for the worst.

"Republicans close to the White House are telling me that the next few months are going to make the last six look like a dress rehearsal in terms of the paralysis and the dysfunction," as the White House deals with not only the "sprawling" Mueller investigation but a Democratic-held House with subpoena power. "These Republicans I'm talking to are more and more concerned he's going to be even more erratic and unpredictable."

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