Harvard Law professor: Trump can be indicted for directing a criminal conspiracy
Constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe.

Laurence Tribe is a constitutional law professor at Harvard Law School. He's argued cases before the Supreme Court 36 times,  and he's taught students who went on to become U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices, and even a U.S. President. Among them, Barack Obama, John Roberts, Elena Kagan, and Ted Cruz.

And he's become an outspoke critic of President Donald Trump.

Tribe is going after the Justice Department's policy – which is not law and not in the Constitution – that bars prosecutors from moving to have a sitting U.S. President indicted by a grand jury.

He made the case back in May.

"Nothing" in the "text, structure, or history" of the U.S. Constitution says a sitting President cannot be indicted, Tribe said:

Back in August, suggesting Michael Cohen's guilty plea means Trump is equally guilty, Tribe said Trump's crimes are both impeachable and indictable offenses:

And Monday morning, Tribe issued perhaps the best example yet – ironic, too, after Trump claimed he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and "wouldn't lose voters."

Here's what Tribe says would happen if Trump, indeed, tested his own claim: