Impeachment expert explains how Trump’s prior business dealings could sink him
President Trump [Photo from screengrab]

Impeachment lawyer and CNN legal analyst Ross Garber on Wednesday explained how President Donald Trump's prior business dealings could set him on the path to impeachment.

Host John Avlon noted Trump's longstanding relationship with Deutsche Bank, which began in the 1990s when the self-identified mogul found that U.S. banks would no longer lend him money, and how that would factor into any Congressional investigations.

"We know there [are] already folks eager for impeachment in the Progressive Caucus," Avlon asked. "Whether the president or any individual can be impeached for crimes committed before they took office, kind of a legal jump ball."

"As we know, the constitutional standard is treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors," Garber responded. "There is precedent for impeaching judges for conduct before they took judicial office. But largely, but not exclusively, impeachment is a political process. It may come down to what Congress thinks."