'Tip of the iceberg': Jake Tapper's CNN panel 'not surprised' at new investigation into Trump's inauguration corruption
CNN host Jake Tapper responds to Trump's press conference following the November 2018 election/Screenshot

CNN Jake Tapper's Thursday panel was disgusted at the latest crimes unraveling about President Donald Trump and called his current scandals "just the tip of the iceberg."  The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump's inaugural committee is being investigated by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York for misspent funds.

Robby Mook, former Hillary Clinton spokesman said that it was not surprising at all.

"It would not surprise me in the slightest though that this administration took it so much further," he said. "There's no way investigators are actually going after this or charges are going to be filed until they have real documentation."

Mook added, "Sounds like they might have a recording of that. I would also say that this is the president who gave the presidential medal of freedom to Sheldon Adelson's wife. It's unclear what she did for this. There's a lot for sale in this White House. This is just the tip of the iceberg."

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins said that it was also not surprising because, during the transition period, the Trump administration was a flat out mess.

"Even people who are huge fans of the president said this is a total mess right now because this is when they were going through the transition period before the inauguration happened -- trying to figure out who was going to take what position," Collins said.

She added, "Even people around for the darkest days of the campaign say the transition period was one of the worst because it was such a mess. They say that period was so chaotic and contributed to a lot of the problems that they are having now with people like Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen."

Mook continued to compare the investigation to Watergate. He suggested that new laws will emerge out of Trump's scandals.

"There's a lot of comparisons for Watergate and a lot of our campaign finance laws came out of Watergate. I wonder if we're entering another period where we've got to clean this mess up because the whole purpose of all these laws is to prevent our public officials from being able to dispose of problems," he said.

Watch the full panel discussion below via CNN.