Latest Manafort Russia bombshell puts former campaign head 'in a box' with little hope of Trump pardon: ex-US Attorney
Donald Trump, Paul Manafort Trump campaign manager and Ivanka Trump during the sound checks on stage in the Quicken Arena for the Republican National Convention. (mark reinstein /

Former United States Attorney Joyce Vance explained why President Donald Trump will be unlikely to pardon Paul Manafort, who chaired Trump's 2016 campaign.

Vance joined MSNBC's Morgan Radford to discuss Saturday's bombshell report by Time magazine about a former Russian spy putting pressure on Manafort over his multimillion dollar debts.

"There's a lot information in circulation that talks about Paul Manafort's indebtedness to Russian oligarchs and his efforts to pay them back, perhaps through briefings he offered to give during the campaign," Vance reminded.

"The box Manafort will find himself is that at some point President Trump will be faced with the fact that there's just too much evidence that Manafort was a creature of the Russians," she predicted. "That means Trump will have to distance himself from Manafort."

"So if what Manafort is looking for is a pardon, those chances look increasingly dim -- it's tough for a president to pardon someone who was in bed with one of our national enemies," she added.