‘Let’s watch Jeanine Pirro’: Nicolle Wallace ridicules Fox News with $500 bet they won't repeat Flynn judge commentary
Composite image, Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro and MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrabs).

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace laid down a bold dare for Fox News on Tuesday -- replay the same clip of Jeanine Pirro on Michael Flynn that has been brutally mocked.

The challenge was issued after the Fox News personality broadcast a weekend rant speculating that Judge Emmett Sullivan would toss out Mike Flynn's guilty plea.

Instead of tossing out the guilty plea, Judge Sullivan lectured Flynn for selling out America.

Jonathan Lemire, White House reporter for the Associated Press, noted that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pressed on the Fox News argument on Tuesday.

"She was asked about what we heard over the weekend from Fox News, from Judge Jeanine Pirro and others, who have suggested this sort of conspiracy that Flynn was railroaded by the FBI agents -- pressed into this. They feel like that would come out today and perhaps be an argument they can use to undermine the [Robert] Mueller probe," Lemire noted. "Of course, none of that did transpire today, despite Sarah in a morning interview suggesting she, again, thought Flynn had gotten a raw deal."

"She still did not walk back any of the president's praise of Flynn, suggesting it was appropriate for him to still consider him a good man because of the crimes that he's alleged to have committed, did not have anything to do with him," he added.

"I have that," Wallace said of the Fox News clip. Words you've never heard on "Deadline: White House" -- "Should we watch Jeanine Pirro?" Wallace joked.

"On Tuesdays, the parties will appear again before Judge Emmett Sullivan -- a jurist unafraid of the swamp, a judge who has a track record of calling out prosecutorial misconduct, a man who does not tolerate injustice or abuse of power," Pirro said in the clip. "Judge Sullivan can throw out this guilty plea if he concludes the FBI intentionally interfered with their target, Flynn's constitutional right to counsel."

After playing the clip, Wallace issued her challenge for Fox News.

"I will donate $500 to charity if that clip of Jeanine Pirro airs on Fox News in primetime," she dared.