MSNBC panel jokes about starting a new ‘two suits and a hoodie’ television show
SNL actor Chris Redd and NBC News and MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin on 'The Beat' (screengrab)

During a special holiday edition of MSNBC's "The Beat" with Ari Melber, the panel discussed launching a new "Two Suits and a Hoodie" television show.

Melber was joined by "Saturday Night Live" star Chris Redd and anchor Craig Melvin.

"I like this segment, I've never actually seen this segment on TV -- this is a great concept," Melvin said.

"Is this a television show right here, just this?" Melber asked.

"I feel like it is," Redd answered.

"I would be a part of that," said Melvin, who is a "Today Show" anchor and a MSNBC anchor.

"Two suits and a hoodie," Redd declared.