MSNBC panelist calls it 'load of crap' Pence chief Nick Ayers would rather spend more time with family
Nick Ayers (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Editor and MSNBC commentator John Podhoretz doesn't buy that Nick Ayers would rather go back to Georgia and spend more time with his family than serve as a president's chief of staff.

"It's striking Nick Ayers said to Trump, 'I don't want it. I could stay for three months. I have twins and I have to go back to Georgia.' That's a lot of crap," Podhoretz concluded. "I don't know Nick Ayers. I'm not saying he's a liar, but people don't get offered the White House chief of staff job very often. He was the vice president's chief of staff. This is the center of the action. This is the red-hot center of world politics and world power. And he is going back to Georgia after being the chief of staff to the less important guy? I'm not buying it."

He went on to say that he thinks Ayers wants out for the reason many others do: they don't want to be anywhere near a president being named as an un-indicted co-conspirator.

Now, Ayers gets to ride out the downfall of an administration he worked for without actually having to be there.

NYC News investigative reporter Anna Schecter called a "politically astute decision" for Ayers to disappear until things calm down for the GOP. If he stayed, things might be different.


"Everyone is thanking him on Twitter. 'He's so great,'" she continued. "Everyone is saying, 'We wish your family well.' So, he can go back to Georgia and wait this out because he's watched this play out. He could become enemy-number-one of Trump by the end of 18 months. John Kelly is reportedly not really on speaking terms with President Trump. So I think he's made this move in a calculated move. I'm sure there were family -- I have young kids, too. I understand there were family considerations to make but he was making a calculated political decision."

Trump tweeted that folks were saying it would be Ayers, but made it seem as if it never was and Ayers never really turned him down. Ayers tweeted that he did.

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