NC GOP chief slams his own party over 'horrifying' allegations -- and supports new election if fraud is proven
Dallas Woodhouse (MSNBC/Screenshot)

North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse slammed his own party on Thursday, telling MSNBC he was open to new elections if the election fraud allegations rocking GOP House candidate Mark Harris proved true.

"The news report are horrifying. They're very disturbing," Woodhouse said. "Good Republican activists don't engage in this behavior." He added that more than 750,000 people would be without representation when Congress seated in January as a result.

Although Woodhouse was careful to say "I don't think we're there yet" when asked about holding new elections, he made clear he was open to the idea. He also called for those responsible to be prosecuted if the fraud allegations were proven, regardless of who wins the seat.

"If the board of elections determines there's a substantial likelihood the outcome could have been changed, then the law requires a new election," he said. "We would not oppose that."

Watch the video below.