‘None of it has been disproven’: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace fact-checks Trump attacks on salacious Steele dossier
United States of America President Donald Trump shaking hands with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. (Kremlin photo.)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace examined President Donald Trump's claims against the notorious dossier of raw intelligence on Trump's relationship to Russia that was assembled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Wallace played clips of Trump complaining about Trump claiming the dossier costing "almost $6 million" or maybe even $12.4 million.

"It may be dirty, but it ain't fake," Wallace noted. "To date, none of it has been disproven and whole big parts of it are holding up as Robert Mueller's investigation has methodically yielded indictments and plea agreements from which numerous court filings have lined up almost exactly with some of the reporting in the dossier."

Wallace referenced a new, in-depth examination of the Steele Dossier on Lawfare that was written by Chuck Rosenberg and Sarah Grant.

"The Mueller investigation has clearly produced public records that confirm pieces of the dossier and even where the details are not exact, the general thrust of Steele's reporting seems credible in light of what we now know about extensive contacts between numerous individuals associated with the Trump campaign and Russian government officials," Wallace noted.

"The dossier holds up well, none of it has been disproven," Rosenberg explained. "Parts of it are uncorroborated, but as more official documents come out, you can hold them next to the dossier and see that they line up."

"There's some salacious stuff in there about sex acts that your former colleague Jim Comey had to brief the president on and described when I interviewed him at the 92nd Street Y as awkward," Wallace noted. "Do you think the salacious stuff in there distracted from all the substantive financial ties between Trump Organization and Russia?"

"No question," Rosenberg answered.