'They are not saying that': MSNBC host shuts down Matt Gaetz for claiming 'Democrats say walls are racist'
Richard Lui speaks to Matt Gaetz (MSNBC/screen grab)

MSNBC host Richard Lui cut off Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Sunday after the Florida Republican repeatedly insisted that Democrats have claimed that border walls are "racist."

During an interview on MSNBC, Gaetz attempted to gaslight viewers after he was asked about ending President Donald Trump's government shutdown over funding for a border wall.

"What I can tell you, Richard, is that there are multiple offers that have gone back and forth really from the White House to try to get that type of a solution," Gaetz said. "So, yeah, if you have a $25 billion border security package, I think that you could possibly get there. If you had the Bridge Act, I think you could have more of that 25 billion spent on a wall or steel slats or strategic fencing."

"When you look at San Diego, when you look at places in Arizona that have built walls on borders, those have been the most effective ways to stop the most harmful forms of illegal immigration -- the child smuggling, the human trafficking, the drugs and the cartel activity," the congressman continued. "That gets very dangerous people in this country who kill folks."

When asked if he supported $2.5 billion package for a wall, Gaetz changed the subject.

"Remember, Democrats are saying that walls are racist!" Gaetz opined. "They are saying that fences are immoral."

"Well, they're not saying that," Lui interrupted. "They are not saying they're racist."

"That's absolutely false!" Gaetz exclaimed.

"They are not saying that," the MSNBC host noted.

"They have said that walls are racist!" the Florida congressman repeated.

"No," Lui remarked.

"This is where the energy is on the left right now," Gaetz rambled. "They want to abolish ICE, they want to live in border-free communities and they have made statements, Democrat [sic] members of Congress, the people like [Rep Al Green (D-TX)], like [Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)]."

"The leadership," Lui again interrupted, "as you know, are saying they are for border security. They are not for open borders as you state."

Gaetz made another attempt to repeat his talking points, but Lui shut him down.

"I don't want to litigate that right now," Lui said, moving on to another question.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.