'If a Pence falls in the woods does it make a sound': America ridicules 'flat Mike' for barely moving during Oval Office meeting
Mike Pence appears to take a nap in oval office (Photo: Screen capture)

While the trove of social media watching President Donald Trump couldn't help but mock his temper tantrum unfolding in real time on national television, they quickly pivoted to question whether or not Vice President Mike Pence was actually alive during the meeting.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace outright wondered what Pence was on to be so relaxed while the three leaders were going at it. She further wondered where she could score some for herself.

Pence sat nearly motionless for a while, at times even closing his eyes for an extended period. It was then he moved suddenly as if he nodded off and was shaken abruptly awake by the caterwauling around him. It was at that moment Seth Meyers wondered if Pence thought of a good zinger:

"Thought it was a cardboard cutout of Pence, then he moved, and it's like 'It Lives!'" joked Laurie Shade from Ohio. Ron Asher had the same observation, trying to start the hashtag #FlatMike

Edrie Irvine wondered if perhaps the president was a potted plant. Two users suggested a skin-covered paperweight.

Comedian Wanda Sykes joked Pence was clearly trying to burn soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi with his eyes.

Check out the best below:

Yes. Yes, he is.