Pentagon morale has never been worse thanks to Trump's actions this week: Fox News reporter
President Donald Trump -- screenshot

Hours after Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis resigned in protest over President Donald Trump's foreign policy, the Commander-in-Chief Thursday night ordered a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. The order comes just one day after he announced a complete pull out from Syria. 7000 troops, about half of the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan, will leave, CNN reports.

How bad are things in the Defense Dept. now?

Even Fox News says things are bad, thanks to Trump.

This Fox News National Security Correspondent says morale at the Defense Dept. has never been worse.

What seems clear is President Trump has made these decisions either without consulting his top intelligence, military, and national security advisors, or against their advice.

Multiple reports say he made the Syria decision after talking with Turkish dictator Erdogan.

What also seems clear is, like many decisions Trump makes, the tweet comes first, and the plan is thrown together by aides afterwards – which means there was little to no planning from the start.