Trump slammed for his ‘preposterous and comical’ ignorance about the federal government by workers' union president
Donald Trump speaks to reporters/Screenshot

The President of the National Federation of Federal Employees, Randy Erwin, slammed President Donald Trump for shutting down the government without an understanding of how it truly impacts people.

On Thursday, Trump tweeted that most of the federal workers impacted by the shutdown are Democrats.

"Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?" Trump tweeted.

During an interview with CNN host Ryan Nobles, Erwin said that Trump's remarks are "preposterous and comical."

"It's ridiculous. It would be funny if it wasn't funny at all. We know the political make-up of federal employees. They are split evenly down political lines, equal Republicans, Democrats and a significant number of Independents as well," he said.

Erwin added, "Any notion that you can slice and dice and furlough the Democrats and not the Republicans are just preposterous and comical. It just kind of shows that he doesn't understand the federal workforce very well or he wouldn't say things like that. I don't think he understands that 85 percent of the federal workforce is outside of the D.C. area."

"The federal government is the number one employer of veterans nationwide. Close to one-third of federal employees are veterans," he said. "So he's out there saying he's proud to shut the government down. These are the people he's hurting and it's just unbelievable the things that he's saying right now."

Watch the full interview below via CNN.