President's tweets prove Trump is telling Stone not to make a deal with Mueller: MSNBC legal analyst
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left) and Trump confidante Roger Stone (right). Images via Obama White House archives and screengrab.

MSNBC legal analyst Caroline Polisi said on Thursday that President Trump's tweets attacking Michael Cohen are meant to send a message to political dirty trickster Roger Stone: don't make a deal with Robert Mueller.

"Roger Stone is a little bit of a different kettle of fish," said Washington Post political investigative reporter Rosalind Helderman. "He's a very combative person. He's very close to Donald Trump. He has been very, very public about the fact that he will not take a plea deal." She added that Mueller likely anticipates "going to trial" against the president's associate.

"Roger Stone is a self-proclaimed dirty trickster," Polisi chimed in. "You're right to note that President Trump has praised him. If you look at that and you contrast that to how he's treated Michael Cohen, calling him a rat on Twitter, you can see where his allegiances lie. And obviously he's sending a message to Stone to not take a deal."

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