QAnon-believing Trump fans think the president wants to hire conspiracy theorist cop photographed with Pence
Mike Pence meets with a QAnon conspiracy theory believing cop/screenshot

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe the Florida SWAT cop who was photographed wearing their insignia with Vice President Mike Pence is going to be hired by Donald Trump after he was demoted from the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

The Miami New Times reported Thursday that QAnon believers -- who are convinced Trump is crusading against Democratic pedophiles and a government operative named "Q" is sharing secret information about the clandestine mission's inner working to social media -- are now sure the president is going to hire Broward Sgt. Matt Patten following his demotion.

Q-fans' sudden interest in Patten started when Pence, to whom he was assigned as security detail in late November, posted a photo of himself with the sergeant and another Broward County Sheriff's Office official.

In the photo, Patten was seen wearing a "Question the Narrative" patch associated with the QAnon conspiracy -- and after Right Wing Watch's Jared Holt pointed it out on Twitter and Q-fans began taking it as "proof" of their theory, the vice president removed the photo.

Patten was subsequently demoted after the BCSO claimed the symbol was "unauthorized," "controversial" and made the department seem "biased," HuffPost reported on December 2. He was taken off the strategic investigations division’s Office of Homeland Security and the BSCO SWAT team.

Q-fans, the New Times noted Thursday, "are taking the news about as calmly and sanely as expected."

Many believe "Q" predicted the controversy -- and others still think the pseudonymous operative is trying to get in contact with Patten after another Twitter exchange piqued their interest.

An account claiming to belong to Patten's wife Carrie posted about the BSCO sergeant's demotion earlier in the week, and in response, a user purporting to be Q responded with links to job postings with the Secret Service and FBI.

"If you decide to change careers..." the post read, "your name has been entered to be fast-tracked."

Read the entire report on the QAnon conspiracy theorists' latest gambit via the New Times.