Republican erupts in laughter over Trump’s empty border threats — and says no one takes him seriously anymore
Ryan Costello (R-PA, retired)/MSNBC screenshot

Retired Pennsylvania Republican congressman Ryan Costello told MSNBC on Friday that no one takes President Donald Trump seriously anymore.

Asked by host Hallie Jackson if there's "on any planet, a universe where the president would actually shut down the southern border", Costello just laughed.

"The planets look a lot different every single time he tweets," he said. "I can't even interpret some of his tweets anymore. The tweet the other day was somehow the shutdown money was going to be used to fund the border wall. I have no idea, on any planet what that means."

Jackson brought up how such a shutdown could impact other countries, but Costello was unconcerned.

"I don't think many people are taking the president seriously as it relates to immigration at the southern border," he said. "On a serious note, some of the actions that he's taken in Syria and what he's said he's going to do, what he has done in Afghanistan, there are concerns related to our credibility and our consistency with our allies around the world and where we do provide aid."