Robert Mueller 'has signaled to us he’s found collusion': analysis
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller said cyber security will be the number one future threat in the country, but for the time being, "counterterrorism and stopping terrorist attacks" is more important. (Photo: Kit Fox/Medill Flickr)

On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller filed court documents in the cases against two close former associates of President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

A new piece in the Daily Beast argues that we can already see Trump has been busted for collusion.

"In the face of what Mueller has revealed, there is little question where this is going," the piece says. "Mueller may still be only showing us part of his hand, but it’s a damn good hand. He has signalled to us he’s found collusion. argues that Mueller has found collusion with Russia in the Trump campaign and is sending signals to that effect with the filings."

The reasons cited include the proof that top Trump aides made efforts to contact WikiLeaks and that Mueller "has found definitive proof that Trump was compromised by a hostile foreign power during the election."

The piece explains that Trump has been involved in an "increasingly brazen" cover-up by appointing an arch-loyalist in the hopes of shutting down the investigation, using Manafort's plea deal to try and get information on the investigation "and even appearing to offer Manafort a pardon if he helps him obstruct the Russia probe."

"Mueller is coming. And he is clearly coming for Trump," the story says.

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