Rush Limbaugh whines that impeachment talk is about ‘trying to dispirit’ Trump supporters
Rush Limbaugh (screengrab)

Talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh complained that talk of impeaching President Donald Trump was not based on enforcing the rule of law, but on Democrats bent on dispiriting his audience.

"I mean, this is designed to do exactly what I have been warning everybody was coming. They’re trying to dispirit you," Limbaugh argued.

"They’re trying to make it harder for you to verbalize your support for Trump. They’re trying to make you doubt him," he continued. "It’s about making you think this is a lost cause."

Limbaugh played a montage of television news discussing impeachment, following the court filings that listed Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator.

"They’re talking about the Michael Cohen plea deal in which it is stated that a prominent candidate directed him to make payments to two women for their silence in violation of campaign finance law. It is not a violation of campaign finance law," Limbaugh claimed, despite the fact that Cohen is awaiting sentencing for the same violation.

Limbaugh said the goal was to lower Trump's approval ratings.

"Look, they can impeach over anything if they want to try. And that’s why they’ve gotta get the numbers down," he argued. "If they get Trump’s numbers down to 30 percent they’re gonna impeach him for the way he blows his nose! And they’ll come up with a way to call it a high crime or misdemeanor."

Limbaugh said that "unindicted co-conspirator" is "strictly a term designed to drive down public opinion."