Russia embassy claims election interference was ‘staged’ and blames two Democratic activists
Kremlin photo of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Federation said on Thursday that "all cases" of election interference where actually orchestrated by western experts.

The Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. tweeted on Thursday that the country had no cause to deny that they interfered in America's 2016 presidential election.

"No need to deny false accusations of Russains did it," the embassy claimed.

"It looks like all cases of Russian interference will soon be revealed as staged/orchestrated by western experts in Russian disinformation," the embassy continued.

The country then accused two Americans.

"Meet the fathers of the 'Russian troll farm in Alabama': Jonathon Morgan and Reid Hoffman," the embassy continued.

Hoffman is an internet billionaire who apologized for funding a group lead by Morgan that deployed tactics in the 2017 Alabama Senate election that mimicked efforts used by Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign.