Saudi Arabia disputes Trump's claim that the kingdom will 'rebuild' Syria post-ISIS
US President Donald Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman shake hands at the White House on March 14, 2017. Trump heads to Saudi Arabia this weekend on his first foreign trip since taking office (AFP Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM)

On Christmas Eve, President Donald Trump tweeted that Saudi Arabia agreed to pay for the rebuilding of Syria after his controversial decision to pull out from the war-torn country -- but the kingdom has denied they plan on doing so.

CNBC reported Wednesday that according to an official at Washington, DC's Saudi embassy, the country has not pledged any money towards the rebuilding of Syria.

The report noted that in August, the Saudis had committed $100 million "to a fund to stabilize areas of Syria liberated from ISIS militants by a U.S.-led coalition."

"Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States," Trump tweeted on December 24. "See? Isn’t it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a Great Country, the U.S., that is 5000 miles away. Thanks to Saudi A!"