Seth Meyers hilariously mocks Trump's hot-mic moment demanding G-20 staff 'get me outta here' -- 'We're trying'
Seth Meyers notes Trump habitually "looks like he's been kicked in the nuts." (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump had an awkward moment at the G-20 over the weekend where he was supposed to do a photo-op with the president of Argentina. Trump shook his hand and then walked off stage before the photo could be taken. The president tried to get him back and a staffer went running after him, but all Trump could be heard saying on the hot mic was "get me outta here."

"We're trying," was NBC host Seth Meyers' response during his Monday episode of "Late Night."

"Is there a more exhausting job than the man who has to chase after President Trump?" the host wondered, chuckling to himself. "Whoa! Go get him, Jerry!"

In a Washington Post report, it was revealed world leaders are speculating on whether or not Trump will even be around much longer. Trump said when he was asked about the case by one such leader, "it was like a kick in the nuts."

To be fair, however, Meyers noted that Trump's facial expressions make him look like he's habitually being kicked in his sensitive region.

"And, look at the way he stands," Meyers continued. "The way he stands looks like a freeze-frame of America's Funniest Home Videos. He looks like a dad that was standing on the wrong end of a seesaw."

He noted that Trump looked so lonely on stage with all of the world leaders ignoring him during the class photo.

"And after the photo, Trump just sort of milled around for a while," he said. "Look at him. He looks like he's at a house party and the only other person he knows is in the bathroom. Surprised he didn't do that move where you pretend to respond to texts but really you're just playing words with friends."

Meyers showed a screen of Trump's Words with Friends game with Vlad P. where their words were "collude" and "guilty."

Watch the hilarious segment below: