The economy can't handle Trump's Nixonesque criminality -- and history will judge him harshly: CNBC reporter
CNBC editor at large John Harwood/MSNBC screen shot

CNBC editor at large John Harwood on Monday agreed with the New York Times that "politics [is] driving the economy to the greatest extent in our lifetime", and said that history would ultimately place the blame on President Donald Trump's criminality, which he said had perhaps surpassed that of Richard Nixon.

"That's because we haven't had a president like Donald Trump in our lifetime," Harwood said, slamming the president's repeated disrespect for the office.

"The amount of legal jeopardy that he faces is worse than any president since Richard Nixon," Harwood added, noting how many people close to Trump have been indicted or pled guilty to felonies. "We may look back later and say that his scale of jeopardy exceeded that of Richard Nixon."

"All these things suggest a leadership crisis within the United States and, therefore, the western world that we have not seen," he concluded.

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