The View shuts down Republican Mia Love after she claims safety net programs don't help families
Mia Love/ABC screen shot

Defeated Utah Republican Mia Love told The View on Friday that social safety net programs like Medicare, welfare assistance and unemployment insurance are unaffordable and don't help families, leading to a brutal pile-on that left the former congresswoman speechless.

"I believe that the policies, the conservative policies work," Love said, explaining why, as a person of color, she's still a Republican in the age of President Trump. "They work for black communities. They lift people, give people as many opportunities as possible."

"How do they do that?" interjected co-host Joy Behar, as Love tried to explain how Republican policies help people find work. "The Democrats don't do that?"

Love replied by attacking welfare, only to be shut down by Sunny Hostin saying "there are many more white people on welfare than black people." Love sputtered that welfare "disincentivized" single mothers from finding better jobs.

"Are you for unemployment insurance? That saved my life as a single mother," chimed in Behar. "What about health care for everyone?"

Love acknowledged that health care and pharmaceutical costs needed to be brought down, but when she was reminded that she was parroting proposals made by Bernie Sanders, she pivoted and said "he's wanting the government to pay for all of it. Where do you get the money to pay for all of that?"

"Maybe take some of the money for the wall?" deadpanned Hostin. And for five seconds, nearly a lifetime on a television broadcast, Love sat stumped and silent.

Watch the video below.