The View’s Meghan McCain sets off a shouting match when Joy Behar compares Trump and Bush Sr.
Joy Behar and Meghan McCain/ ABC screenshot

The View's Meghan McCain set off a dramatic screaming match with co-host Joy Behar, after Behar attempted to contrast deceased President George H.W. Bush to President Donald Trump.

"As a candidate he said, 'those who think we're powerless to do anything about the greenhouse effect are forgetting about the White House effect,'" Behar said, lauding Bush for fighting global warming and signing the Clean Air Act Amendment of 1990. "This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and Obama did, and if I ever become a one-issue voter, it will be about pollution and the greenhouse effect and the fact that --"

"Can we focus on the president, please?" interrupted McCain. "I don't want to talk about Trump --"

"I do for a second," shot back a noticeably irritated Behar. "So excuse me."

"We're honoring a great president," McCain replied angrily, speaking over Behar. "I'm not interested in your one-issue --

"I don't care, what you're interested in, I'm talking," yelled Behar. "Dammit!"

As the show cut to commercial, the two could be seen waving their arms and pointing, as the shouting continued.

Watch the video below.