President Donald Trump knows that a recession would cripple his reelection bid in 2020 -- and that's why he's reportedly already prepared a list of people to blame should economic disaster strike sometime over the next two years.

Republican sources tell Politico that Trump has several potential scapegoats to choose from in the event of a recession, starting with congressional Democrats and likely incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"[Trump] is more strategic about setting up the assignment of blame than people give him credit for," one Republican source tells the publication.

Although the president's attacks on congressional Democrats may seem predictable, he's also reportedly plotting to pin blame on some of his own appointees should the economy turn south.

Sources claim that Trump has already started a campaign against Jerome Powell, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve, who has taken heat from Trump over his decision to raise interest rates.

Additionally, one source tells Politico that Trump will also blame any current economic advisers who leave his administration.

"He's going to blame Wilbur Ross for some of these problems once Ross leaves,” a Republican described as "close to the White House" tells Politico. “And if any of his advisers walk, he'll blame them too."

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