‘Trump is in a death spiral’ and can’t be saved: Former White House official sounds alarm to reporter
Donald Trump on Meet the Press (NBC screen grab)

Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green told CNN on Friday that at least one former Trump White House official is watching President Donald Trump's latest meltdown with growing alarm.

Speaking with CNN's John Berman and Alisyn Camerota, Green said the official didn't think that Trump's presidency could hold up much longer given its current trajectory.

"I was speaking to a former White House official tonight after the Mattis news broke who told me, 'Trump is in a death spiral,'" he said. "With Mattis leaving, with the adults gone, there are no guardrails on this administration. You have investigations, you have huge geo-strategic questions now, and of course you have a stock market that's in collapse."

He then pointed out that Trump is crowing about shutting down the government at a time when Democrats are set to take over the House of Representatives -- adding yet another crisis to a moment of extreme peril for the president.

"Every sign you look at points in a bad direction for Trump and for Republicans," he said. "And I think they're realizing for the first time that there's no clear means by which things are going to get better."

Watch the video below.