Trump doomed his presidency because he thought Sessions would do his dirty work for him: conservative columnist
President Donald Trump/FOX News screen shot

Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post's conservative columnist, explained Friday why Trump is in a world of trouble.

"President Trump’s inability to respond to one charge emanating from one witness, a charge not even within the purview of the special counsel, suggests he will be entirely overwhelmed when the closet full of shoes starts dropping," she writes.

"He never knew about the payments, or he did, or it was Michael Cohen’s fault, or it wasn’t a crime, or if it was a crime it was no big deal. This might be the most inept response to allegations of presidential wrongdoing ever."

Rubin goes on to explain that in addition to the initial crimes, Trump's mistake was in assuming the Attorney General Jeff Sessions would squelch the investigations out of loyalty. Instead, Sessions recused himself, which critics believe is why he was fired following the midterms.

The outcome is likely to be disastrous for the President and his family, Rubin notes.

"For Trump, it is becoming hard to imagine how he survives politically or legally. Even if he avoids impeachment or avoids removal, only about a third of the country (with a smidgen of the total universe of evidence available to them) thinks he’s innocent," she writes.

"When charge after charge piles up, each backed up by multiple pieces of evidence, it’s not impossible to imagine that elected Republicans will turn on him — or that Republican voters, who see his presidency at a standstill, will begin to look for alternatives for 2020."

Rubin concludes that there's a lot on the line for Trump.

"Trump’s presidency, his financial empire and even his freedom are at risk. (Presidents can be indicted after leaving office and cannot pass out pardons for state offenses.)" she writes.

"He can be angry at Sessions or Cohen, but he is solely responsible for his own fate, which right now looks awfully bleak."